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Are you exactly where you want to be

doing exactly what you want to do?


One to One (Re)invention Coaching

If you’re feeling stuck or fearful about following your secret dreams, I’m here to tell you: it really is possible to reinvent your life.


Is this you?

I know what it’s like to be that dissatisfied working woman. To be busy getting through the day, yet not feel challenged by your work. A woman who wants to play bigger but is so constantly distracted by the “shoulds” that it feels impossible to make any real progress. You feel stuck and overwhelmed and don't know what to do next.

Do you want to change the work you do by leveling up, shifting your focus or making a complete career change? Do you wish you had time for that side gig you’ve been dreaming of? Or maybe you have a vague sense of dissatisfaction and know you need to make a change—of job, of location, in your personal lifebut need help identifying what your next move is.

You may feel stuck, or need to find time for yourself so that you can indulge in a healthier lifestyle where you can kick your bad habits (and finally get a good night’s sleep!)

In short, you want to reinvent your life and give it an overhaul to be more in line with your dreams and goals. You want to create a life that is YOURS, on your terms. You’ve worked hard and now you want to build on that past experience and reap the rewards, both financial and personal, that you’ve earned. You might even want to add in a dash of adventure.

This was me

My first jobs after university could not have been further from my lifelong interests. This Art Education major ended up spending years working in pharmaceutical planning and management where I restructured departments and worked at troubleshooting software, crunching numbers, planning, and cajoling colleagues in supply chain to meet deadlines. And you know what? I was good at it, and sometimes I even enjoyed it because I got to learn new things and work with smart, interesting, accomplished people. But I wasn’t exercising my best skills and often had to quash my more expressive, creative side, so it could also be exhausting and depressing. It’s hard to be motivated when you’re hiding your true skills and desires.

So I hired to a coach to help me decide what I wanted to do with the next part of my life, and I discovered that...I wanted to be a coach. I discovered that I had, in effect, been coaching some of my friends and colleagues all along without even realizing it. Sometimes what we want is hidden in plain view, we just need some help recognizing it. 

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Since leaving corporate America to be a coach I’ve also done legal business development, run Forbes-listed art workshops in Turkey, given creativity workshops in Greek high schools, created and delivered writing workshops for professionals, and worked as a technical editor. I also picked up my life and my dog and moved from New York to Istanbul, Turkey ten years ago. 

And through it all I’ve continued coaching and mentoring.

Today, I feel confident and in control of my life: I live in the place I most want to be, and make decisions about how I spend my time with confidence because I’m clear on my goals and objectives and how to reach them. When life throws me a curveballbecause doesn’t it always?I can react with confidence because I am crystal clear on where I want to spend my energy and how to minimize those things that waste it.

This can be you

In today’s world it is common, even necessary, to reinvent yourself several times over. Most of us will make many small changes and moves in our lives and a few really big ones. 

And that is exactly what I am here to help you do. In fact, I think my client Missy describes best what I strive for in her comments about our coaching relationship:

“As a lifelong athlete, I love a good sports analogy. You are truly a coach! Great coaches don’t tell you what you’re doing wrong, they say, “What went wrong?” They build you up and encourage you to analyze your weaknesses. This is important because at the end of the day, the coach is always on the sidelines. It is the athlete who needs to perform (for themselves).”
—Missy Weimer, multi-tasking martial arts momma

My version of the perfect life will look very different from yours. My mission is to help you clarify the unique life that will fulfill you, and then help you identify the steps to get there and hold you accountable for taking them. Only you know what you want. It could be a new job, a promotion, a break from your career, or a dream of a side passion you’ve been struggling to fit into an already busy life. Whatever it is, as an ambitious, passionate woman you are capable of creating the life YOU want. 
Think about the women you know who are living a life aligned with a strong sense purpose. They emanate energy. They know what they want and go for it with confidence. They are happy with how and what they earn and get paid what they’re worth. They attract people and opportunities because people love to be around them.
This can be you.

What you get

As a serial expert in several fields (and two countries), I know what it takes to make big shifts and excel in new endeavors. My mission is to use my knowledge, experience and the processes I’ve developed to help you take bold steps and make the changes you want to make.

Together, we’ll hone in on exactly what you want, what success looks like for you, and what steps you can take NOW to start living the life you deserve. I will hold you accountable for taking these steps and making consistent progress. Along the way we’ll identify and jettison the obstacles and distractions standing in the way of your goals, so that every day brings you closer to where you want to go.

Here are some of the results my clients have achieved:

"When I was very unhappy at my job, a friend suggested that I try coaching sessions with Kelly because they had changed her life...Kelly’s very natural and exploratory approach encouraged an open and honest dialogue that had me thinking not just about my career goals but about my life goals as well.
It had been awhile since I felt really in touch with who I was and what I wanted out of life, but Kelly helped me identify the kinds of situations and environments that made me feel the happiest and most fulfilled, and helped me build the confidence to go for what I really wanted. Her pragmatic yet supportive approach was the perfect catalyst to the positive changes that I began to visualize and eventually execute—and now, I couldn’t be happier!"
—Barbara G., Senior Director, Wholesale Online Strategy & Marketing
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"I approached Kelly because I have had a crazy year and needed help getting myself on track with my new varied challenges.  I recently moved to a new city abroad with my young son and husband. While my husband’s new job takes him away for long stretches I am no longer working in a job I love. At home struggling with a new language, time management and making new connections I really needed some direction. As I told Kelly, “I am doing a number of things poorly.”
Kelly helped me by listening and reflecting my core challenges back to me. This seemingly simple act created space for pragmatic solutions. As a result I was able to recognize and return to actionable strategies that I have used in throughout my life, which she helped me to rediscover. One thing I really liked is that Kelly is personable and non judgemental. It was easy to share my difficulties with her, where I have had trouble expressing them to people close to me. The experience was empowering, as I am now tackling my challenges one by one, day by day with practical tools. I would highly recommend Kelly to people who need a hand getting through tough transitions and overcoming lingering challenges. Her fresh eyes, fresh outlook and caring personality will guide to your own solutions."
—Missy Weimer, multi-tasking martial arts momma
"...More than being creative herself, [Kelly’s] great at coaching others in the life and business aspects of creativity, too. Kelly is a patient and articulate teacher. She explains thoughts and concepts clearly, and she knows how to find and bring out the inner motivation in people."
—Matt Krause, Speaking Coach and Ghostwriter for Financial Services Execs
"Kelly is a great listener and organizer. She has an uncanny ability to assess a person's strengths and weaknesses almost immediately and has been very helpful in helping me make career choices at difficult times. I would highly recommend her…"
—Greg Lagola, Part-time Faculty at Parsons, the New School for Design
"Kelly is a very creative thinker. She is focused and determined to meet stated objectives as well as committed to helping others meet their goals."
—Gary France, VP/Accounting Policy and Reinsurance Accounting at Lincoln Financial Group

How it works

  • First, you schedule a one-hour complimentary discovery session with me to discuss your needs and make sure we are a good fit.
  • After you schedule your session I will send you a brief questionnaire to return to me before the session so we can jump right in and get to work.
  • At the scheduled time, we will meet via Skype (you’ll need to setup the free download before our session).
  • The goal of this session is to ensure my coaching style and your needs are compatible, and my aim is always for you to walk away from these sessions with a clear idea of the next steps you need to take now.
  • If we decide to work together, and depending on your needs, I’ll propose a program which typically includes:
    • A welcome packet/orientation for you to complete before our first session
    • A specific number of live, one-hour, weekly sessions, usually 12 sessions to be completed over 16 weeks
    • A program designed to help you get clear on your specific goals, shift your beliefs, and develop new, productive habits
    • Resources such as recommended readings, worksheets, and modules tailored to your needs
    • Email support for questions, advice throughout the agreed upon period
    • My commitment to hold you accountable for meeting the goals we work together to set
    • Honest and open communication and feedback

Do you go to bed each night dreading the sound of your morning alarm? Just hoping you can hang on until the next weekend, or until that mysterious “something” (opportunity, recognition, lottery win) comes along to change your life? 

Imagine going to bed each night looking forward to tomorrow with excitement instead of dread. We invest our time and money in the people and things that are important to us, and sometimes even in things we need to distract us from our dissatisfaction with our lives—isn’t it time to invest in reinventing a life you love and don’t need feel the need to escape? YOU are the only “something” that can make the changes you dream of that will put you on the path to a life that inspires and fulfills you. 

Join my transformative 12 week program and start reinventing your life and career today. Commit to focusing on your personal and professional growth for only 90 days and you’ll be surprised at how much change you can make happen quickly when you are focused and have the right tools. Ready to get started? The first step is to: schedule your complimentary discovery session.