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Are you exactly where you want to be

doing exactly what you want to do?

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Hi, I'm Kelly.

I’m a success coach for women who want to gain confidence and reinvent the course of their career.

What does that mean?

I help ambitious, purpose-driven women change their lives by moving from frazzled to focused and finding their voice and purpose.

I know that…

  • it takes courage to change and evolve
  • it’s hard to define your goals and next steps because you have so many conflicting responsibilities and desires, but clarity is possible!
  • you can fulfill your obligations to your family and society AND ALSO live a life that fulfills you.

It is normal and natural—and yes, even desirable!—to change course many times in life. This doesn’t have to be scary, it can be exciting if you have a process in place.

I believe in taking action.

I love the way my client Missy describes our work together:

“The experience was empowering, as I am now tackling my challenges one by one, day by day with practical tools. I would highly recommend Kelly to people who need a hand getting through tough transitions and overcoming lingering challenges. Her fresh eyes, fresh outlook and caring personality will guide to your own solutions.”

Through my “From Frazzled to Focused” foundation program, workshops, and one to one coaching, my purpose is to help you take action and propel yourself into your new life.

Are you ready to get started?


You can also find me here...

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