Here's what clients say about working with me...

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Kelly helped me to focus on my career goals and, more importantly for me as an expat and mother who is still adjusting to my new environment, she helped me rebuild my confidence as a professional.  

Kelly is a terrific listener and facilitator that helped me come up with some concrete plans to advance in my current position. Kelly is also very practical and offers creative, yet realistic, advice for getting to where you want to be in your career. As a fellow professional woman with years of experience as an expat, she was truly able to relate and consult on my career goals.  

Our work together has without a doubt, directly contributed to my satisfaction in my professional life. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone looking for help in managing their professional development, searching for a new job or dealing with cultural challenges in the workplace; especially if you are new to the Turkish job market.
—Chrisanne Hall, Global Services Supervisor, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Istanbul


I have just gone through the massive upheaval of repatriation to the United States and was having some issues focusing enough to get on track for the career path I moved myself (and my family) back for in the first place. I chose to work with Kelly because I've known her for over 5 years now and her energy is unique. She's able to both soothe and relax those she interacts with, while at the same time providing focus and thoughtful insight into whatever question or problem is on the table. Over the years, Kelly and I have been active in multiple networking groups together, including the Istanbul Instructors' Network and the Professional American Women of Istanbul, and I've always found our time together inspiring. 

Kelly did not disappoint. She listening to my issues, asked important questions to help clarify issues and did specific goal setting with me to help me focus. Most importantly, she gave me permission to relax a bit, which is what I needed most of all. Throughout, she exhibited her trademark humor and positivity, making the experience far less painful than it otherwise could have been. By our second session, I had calmed down, focused and made some very important decisions, all with Kelly's guidance. 

The best part about our work together is that it didn't feel like work, it felt as though I was speaking with a mentor. Kelly made me feel relaxed and helped me see that it was all going to work out, which calmed me down enough to focus me along my path. I would definitely recommend working with Kelly to anyone who is looking for personal coaching. It really helps to have someone like her in your corner.
—Jennie Toner-Algın, Writer and Instructional Designer; MSPH Candidate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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I approached Kelly because I have had a crazy year and needed help getting myself on track with my new varied challenges.  I recently moved to a new city abroad with my young son and husband, while my husband’s new job takes him away for long stretches I am no longer working in a job I love. At home struggling with a new language, time management and making new connections I really needed some direction. As I told Kelly, “I am doing a number of things poorly.”

Kelly helped me by listening and reflecting my core challenges back to me. This seemingly simple act created space for pragmatic solutions. As a result I was able to recognize and return to actionable strategies that I have used in throughout my life, which she helped me to rediscover. One thing I really liked is that Kelly is personable and non judgemental. It was easy to share my difficulties with her, where I have had trouble expressing them to people close to me. The experience was empowering, as I am now tackling my challenges one by one, day by day with practical tools. I would highly recommend Kelly to people who need a hand getting through tough transitions and overcoming lingering challenges. Her fresh eyes, fresh outlook and caring personality will guide to your own solutions. 
—Missy Weimer, multi-tasking martial arts momma


Are you a writer, a traveler, an artist, a creative at heart? Are you working on a project right now, or feel like you might have one bubbling up inside? Do you explore and understand places through the creative work of others? Then Kelly's workshops are for you. Both practical and inspirational, Kelly is your intersectional guide through the mysteries of creativity and culture. 
Anastasia Ashman, Advisor to Startups & Investors | Venture Fund Mgr
Digital Media Entrepreneur | Content/Community/Global Strategy

When I was very unhappy at my job, a friend suggested that I try coaching sessions with Kelly because they had changed her life...Kelly’s very natural and exploratory approach encouraged an open and honest dialogue that had me thinking not just about my career goals but about my life goals as well.

It had been awhile since I felt really in touch with who I was and what I wanted out of life, but Kelly helped me identify the kinds of situations and environments that made me feel the happiest and most fulfilled, and helped me build the confidence to go for what I really wanted. Her pragmatic yet supportive approach was the perfect catalyst to the positive changes that I began to visualize and eventually execute—and now, I couldn’t be happier!
Barbara G., Senior Director, Wholesale Online Strategy & Marketing

Kelly's creative chops are clearly seen in her sketches, in her writings, and even in her interior design (I've seen the pictures one of her friends took of her apartment and posted on a blog!) But more than being creative herself, she's great at coaching others in the life and business aspects of creativity, too. Kelly is a patient and articulate teacher. She explains thoughts and concepts clearly, and she knows how to find and bring out the inner motivation in people.
Matt Krause, Speaking Coach and Ghostwriter for Financial Services Execs

Kelly is a great listener and organizer. She has an uncanny ability to assess a person's strengths and weaknesses almost immediately and has been very helpful in helping me make career choices at difficult times. I would highly recommend her…
Greg Lagola, Part-time Faculty at Parsons, the New School for Design

Kelly is a very creative thinker. She is focused and determined to meet stated objectives as well as committed to helping others meet their goals.
Gary France, VP/Accounting Policy and Reinsurance Accounting at Lincoln Financial Group

Ever since high school I have had a desire to explore the arts. I have played music in adult community bands and danced with an amateur troupe and as a soloist. But I never learned how to draw.

As in all things new, I wanted to do it “right”, so I sought out Kelly. She showed me that I didn’t have to be afraid of exploring with drawing. She taught me that it is perfectly fine to take risks and color outside of the lines (even with my eyes closed!) She showed me that sometimes it is better not to expect perfection but to show flexibility with my artistic expectations.

I enjoyed the winter more knowing that each week I would be treated to a new idea, a new way of looking at something I have looked at a thousand times but never seen. 
Rhonda Lizee, Owner, Modern Sultan Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey